Tongariro Lodge No 705

Meeting at 36 Dublin Street, Wanganui.

Contact Details

Lodge Secretary – W Bro Noel Kirk PDJGW
Phone: (06) 345 5827

Meetings Calendar

The Lodge meets on the third Thursday of each month with the exception of December and January.
Tyling is at 7:30pm
The Installation meeting is in March Tyling at 6.30 pm

Lodge History

This Lodge was founded in 1857 an met in the rutland hotel. The Lodge has met regularly since then and has a complete set of minute books.

The Lodge along with the St Andrew Kilwining(SC) as it was then, built Lodge Rooms in Bell Street Wanganui in 1886, and met there until 1999, when new rooms were built in Dublin Street. The Lodge has many historic connections with the city.

Some of the Lodge furniture is made from the Rutland Stockade which was on the hill where the cenotaph now stands.